Grant Approval, Legislative Principles

CRS was hired to help a Southern California wastewater treatment and water supply agency secure Proposition 50 grant funding for planned upgrades to the their recycled water conveyance system.

The State Water Board ultimately approved the grant request for more than $7 million. CRS helped the agency develop communications materials for use with State Water Board staff and Members, and provided ongoing outreach and advocacy services to support the applications.

Later, CRS was asked to provide legislative and regulatory advocacy services to the public agency, starting with a wholesale revision of its “Legislative Principles” regarding various water quality, water recycling and water supply issues. The revised Legislative Principles form the bases upon which the agency takes positions on various legislative matters. In addition, we were responsible for reviewing and monitoring key legislation for the agency and provided briefings on primary bills of concern to its management and elected Board of Directors.

CRS also helped draft proposed legislation to clarify and establish the primary right of wastewater treatment providers to the water it treats and discharges into a surface water body, and developed a political strategy for generating support for the legislation among wastewater agencies, water purveyors, and other potential allies.