Regulatory Compliance, Water Asset Management Strategy, & Legislative Advocacy

CRS assisted a large Northern California city in developing a long-range plan for managing nearly 12.5 billion gallons per year (BGY) of highly-treated wastewater. Although the city recycled about 6.2 BGY, it needed to rely on continued discharge to an inland surface water to manage anticipated flow increases.

Despite the high-level of wastewater treatment, the surface water discharge came under political attack by various environmental non-governmental organizations. In addition, the city faced potential compliance problems with what, at the time, would be its first NPDES permit after the California Toxics Rule was adopted.

CRS developed and helped the city implement a long-range plan to secure an NPDES permit with which the city could reasonably comply, and to maximize opportunities for its long-term wastewater management plan. We also provided legislative and regulatory advocacy and policy outreach services to the city. We assisted the city on numerous TMDL- related compliance issues and developed the framework for the first-ever nutrient pollutant trading plan in California.